IoT4Tourism: use the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

Date: 3-4.09.2017
Location: IEEE ICCE-Berlin conference, in conjunction with the IFA fair

Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany

You are an open-minded developer who wants to collaborate and create impressive IoT solutions? What if we gave you the tools for building THE tourist experience? What kind of ideas will you be able to come up with? Interested?! Then the IoT4Tourism Hackathon is your place to be!

The challenge

The video at the top of this page is just an inspirational example of what is doable today. Come up with an own idea and create a new experience for tourists using the tools provided to you. Help your city or region promote itself in a best possible way!

Your tools

You will be able to use the Wise-IoT platform that allows Global IoT Connectivity across IoT standards and IoT deployments. You may connect your application through oneM2M and/or FIWARE. The connection to data and devices, which can be your own ones or provided by third-parties, will be through FIWARE and/or oneM2M.


How to Use the IoT Platforms
FIWARE: Introduction to FIWARE, FIWARE OverviewAccess to IoT Data
oneM2M: Introduction to oneM2M (start with oneM2M Release 1 Primer), Developer's Guide

You will be able to use data from the following sites. Note that more sites may join as the Hackathon comes closer.

Data Sources

More Information
Genova: browse with Gateway (5000ms)
Sejong University:
Japan: browse with Gateway (5000ms)

You may bring your own devices. For example, we will offer assistance and tools for connecting Smartphones to your IoT solution. Also, we will bring in some Lora devices and sensor kits to support the teams.

To assist you in commercializing your solution after the event, we will put you into contact with the providers of data, devices, and technologies.

Why Participate

Join the 2-day “IoT4Tourism” Hackathon and enjoy in a team of coders, designers, and IoT engineers collaboration and experimentation. Together with you by offering you support, we from the Wise-IoT research and innovation project will explore how IoT may be exploited for enhancing the experience of travelers and guests of cities, resorts, and events.

You will learn what IoT is, how to work with real-world data, and how to use ontologies to interoperate between devices and applications. Don’t miss the opportunity to get feedback on your work and improve your personal and technical skills that you can later apply in any domain! Impress the jury of industry professionals and gain prices in a total of 2700 Euro*.

Price 1: 2.000 Euro cash + invitations to appear at demonstrations of
Price 2: 500 Euro cash + invitations to appear in communications of
Price 3: 200 Euro cash + invitations to appear in communications of

*The prizes are per team not person


A series of webinars will take place before the event. There the different technologies available at the hackathon will be presented and discussed. During the hackathon, you will have the chance to use the help of experts to master the provided tools, but we encourage the attendance of the webinars as well. They will give you a strong background knowledge of the technologies that you should utilize during the hackathon. 

Up front Webinars

To help you prepare for the Hackathon and get going with your solution design and development already before the Hackathon, we offer a series of webinars. The participation at the webinars is encouraged but optional. Minimally needed inputs will also be given at the Hackathon.

Webinar Schedule (Berlin Time, participation recommended but not mandatory):

  • August 04 at 09:30 am: IoT for Tourism (Rémi Druilhe, CEA Innovation, France), recording:

    Based on the experiences of a French Ski-Resort, in this webinar, Rémi introduces common needs of tourists and touristic sites and how the Internet-of-Things could be used to address these needs. Covered topics are the guidance of tourists, improvement of touristic services, and gamification of tourist experiences.
  • August 11 at 09:30 am: How to Build IoT Applications (Haris Aftab, Sejong University, South Korea), recording:

    Based on Sejong's strong experience in developing IoT technologies and shaping the oneM2M standard, Haris introduces the participants to the development of applications based on Internet-of-Things. The covered topics are the oneM2M architecture, oneM2M concepts by going through IoT sample application and its demo, and a discussion of lessons-learned.
  • August 25 at 09:30 am: IoT Device Connectivity (Abbas Ahmad and Sabrine Fatnassi, EGM, France), recording: (incl. information about the early set of access points)

    The webinar proposes to introduce two emerging IoT platforms: oneM2M and FIWARE.
    In order to get familiar with the different platforms, a discovery of each set of API’s proposed by the IoT platforms as well as an introduction their standard protocol is presented. A step by step demonstration on how to connect devices to back-end application in a Smart Parking scenario will be made.

Day 1: Sunday, September 3
09.00 Door Opening
09.30 Welcome Address
10.00 Tutorials: loT Platforms, Data, and Ontologies
12.00 Teaming/Matching with Lunch
13.00 Start Hacking
18.00 Dinner
20.00 End of on-site Program

Day 2: Monday, September 4
09.00 Pitch Training with Breakfast
12:00 Lunch
16:00 Project Deadline: End Hacking
18.00 Closing Ceremony and Conference Reception


The Wise-IoT project is co-funded under the agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community (Horizon2020 Program), the Government of the Republic of Korea (IITP), and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation SERI.


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2,700 in prizes

Price 1

2.000 Euro cash + invitations to appear at demonstrations of

Price 2

500 Euro cash + invitations to appear in communications of

Price 3

200 Euro cash + invitations to appear in communications of

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Participants and group formation

The Hackathon addresses for software and hardware developers of any kind and level of experience. We encourage other specialists to participate, e.g. user experience designers. However, be sure to have at least one developer on your team since you will have to present a functional prototype at the end of the event.

Participants may be individuals who are interested in IoT and the applications of IoT as well as companies who offer products or services of relevance for the IoT domain. We welcome start-ups and SMEs in particular.

You may build your team or join an existing one already before the hackathon and, optionally, enlarge your team at the beginning of the hackathon. We also encourage you to start working on your IoT solution already before the event takes place. We offer webinars to let you familiarize you with the technologies and tools and limited online support to help you get going.

How to enter

Please, register for the hackathon by hitting the button "Register for this hackathon" (look at the right column on this page).


JaeSeung Song

JaeSeung Song
Professor of Sejong University, South Korea

Martin Bauer

Martin Bauer
IoT Architect at NEC

Franck Le Gall

Franck Le Gall
COO and Innovation Manager at Easy Global Market

Hyokeun Choi

Hyokeun Choi
IoT Platform Architect at Samsung

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of experience
    The overall level of pleasure and satisfaction from the perspective of tourists that use the application.
  • Effective use of data
    The usefulness of real-world data in the services the application delivers to the tourists that use the application.
  • Simplicity
    The simplicity of the application, in terms of learnability, aesthetics, operability, and universality, from the perspective of tourists that use the application.
  • Elegance
    The elegance of the architectural design from the perspective of experienced IoT systems architects and software engineers.